Bring A Friend Week

Bring A Friend Week


KMSD Bring A Friend 2016

February 12 – 17, 2018

Kindness.  Manners.  Sincerity.  Discipline.

Our Bring A Friend week is all about sharing a great dance environment with our friends!  

We love to show just how much fun we have here at KMSD and that


is welcome!

KMSD Bring A Friend Week

Our dancers make us so proud!

The joy on their faces shows it all!

Bring A Friend week at KMSD

Once a year we invite dancers to bring their friends to dance class.  

Friends can participate and see just how much fun can be had while learning to dance!

We love meeting all the friends and seeing the joy on their faces as they learn something new!

Want to see more photo’s of our Bring A Friend week?

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